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There are lots of posts hidden away here so I thought it would be good to introduce some of the more interesting parts to browse. How about photos, poems, poetry films and the videoclip 'La Piragua', all touching on the theme of water? Travel to Colombia through photos, poems and my travel article "Mangos! Papayas! Melons!"

There is a collection of black and white photos and my experiments with cinemagraphs. You can find a selection of poems in English, including my videoclip 'I wont' call' and translations of Latin-American and Spanish poets.

I've done a number of interviews in Spanish and Mexican literary magazines, Spanish television and radio, as well as one in English on Upbeat, Radio New Zealand. I wrote a number of posts about the III Antonio Machado SxS Poetry Fellowship I received in 2018, including an article in Kea New Zealand 'Life as a kiwi in Spain'.

There are posts related with my books Sr Citizen and Ant…

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