Isto não é um filme. É um poema – Festival Silêncio, Lisboa

Our poetry film 'The Afternoon' is being shown as part of the official selection of the International Poetry Film competition of Festival Silêncio in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be presented in Festival Silêncio on 30 September at 8:00pm in Cossoul - Sala Raul Solnado, Avenida Dom Carlos I, 61, 1º Andar.

For details see: Isto não é um filme. É um poema – Mostra Competitiva Internacional 3 and for the complete programme of events see: festivalsilencio.com


Antípodas in Tenerife

On 7 September 2017 I made a presentation in the Cultural Space of the CajaCanarias Foundation in Tenerife as part of a series of events during a Cultural Week dedicated to Oceania. Based around my poetry collection Antípodas (Huerga & Fierro, 2016, bilingual edition) the audience were invited on a personal and sensory journey from Aotearoa, New Zealand, to the antipodes, Spain. A journey illustrated with my paintings, photographs and audiovisual work. The act was introduced by the president of the CajaCanarias Foundation Alberto Delgado Prieto, the New Zealand Ambassador Andrew Jenks, and moderated by the Tenerife journalist Leo Santisteban.

Photos by Álex Rosa.

Information about the conference in Spanish / Información sobre la conferencia en La Semana Cultural CajaCanarias.

(From left to right) Charles Olsen with Alberto Delgado Prieto, President of the CajaCanarias Foundation, New Zealand's Ambassador to Spain, Andrew Jenks and journalist Leo Santisteban.

Greeting New Zealand's Ambassador to Spain, Andrew Jenks.

With one of my paintings in oil on paper from the New Zealand series, 1992.