Marcapiel, Revista electrónica de literatura, México, 7/10/2018

Entrevista por Xánath Caraza en Revista Literaria Monolito 21/05/2018

…there’s a tendency to a crystalline timelessness of observation. Verbs disappear in favour of nouns and adjectives. At times these images are mysteriously affecting:

Sip of moon, sweet sorrow.
Empty glass.
Through the window the chirrup of crickets.

—‘The Trumpet’

Review of Antípodas by Hamish Dewe, Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2018

Translating English, and other languages into Spanish has been part of Madrid based New Zealand poet Charles Olsen’s creative journey. He’s only learnt Spanish since moving to Spain fourteen years ago. But that didn’t stop him from creating interesting poetic works.

a beautiful and mesmeric film

In Silence and The Afternoon featured in the June 2017 edition of Poetry Film Live

The intense otherness we often feel when travelling is constantly present. Moments seem so vivid and the traveller feels hyper-aware. I imagine Olsen sitting outside a Spanish cafe, listening to flamenco, jotting these down.

Helen Heath on Sr Citizen in Scoop Review of Books

Entrevista sobre Antípodas en el programa
La tarde en 24 horas-La hora cultural en RTVE, 2016

By far one of my favourites for its beauty and aesthetic audacity. The New Zealander Charles Olsen has created a rhythmic flamenco portrayal of Les demoiselles d’Avignon, the masterpiece of Picasso. Superimposed highly coloured images, the movement of dresses, rustling eye-like fans … this short film is a real treat, an artistic reverie of freshness and incredible originality.

Delphine Neimon on The dance of the brushes in [FRENCH]

There's a great variety of subject matter, but they all share a common theme of love for Madrid and its residents. Poems such as Urban Landscape and Street Portraits have the city's idiosyncratic barrios as their theme, whereas I Won't Call and I Wait are about Olsen's emotional experiences. It is hugely difficult to write prose, let alone poetry, in a language that is not one's mother tongue, and yet Olsen manages to string together some beautiful and evocative phrases about what it really means to be a citizen of Madrid. The text is accompanied by Olsen's photographs, sketches, drawings and paintings, making it a charming volume.

Harriet Smart on Sr Citizen in InMadrid, 2011

  • Crítica de 'La danza de los pinceles' (presentado en el Festival Flamenco de Nîmes) por Delphine Neimon,, 29 March 2011 [FRANCÉS]
  • Entrevista en CulturArt–e, mayo 2011 [Vídeo]
  • Entrevista por R. Gonzalez en Mister Idea publicada en el blog MisterIdea, 12 mayo 2011
  • Participación en el proyecto Poetas Bajo Palabra de la Fundación Casa de Hierro, Barranquilla, Colombia, 13 noviembre 2010
  • Crítica Tener cosas que decir y saber decirlas por Xoán M. Carreira en sobre el concierto-poema multidisciplinar 'Cuatro cuentos de Andersen', septiembre 2010

Charles Olsen ha hecho una vídeo-creación simbólica de enorme sencillez visual y de una potencia afectiva aún mayor, exquisitamente imbricada en la narración y en la música…

Xoán M. Carreira en

Charles Olsen has made a symbolic video-creation of great visual simplicity and even greater emotive force, exquisitely interwoven with the narration and music…

Xoán M. Carreira in


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