Graffiti and moss in Casa de Campo park, Madrid, 1 Jan 2018

Notes to myself.

1) Be in the moment. These notes from pianist Jeffrey Chappell are very good, especially those on performing. Take time to read the rest and think about them when I practice. They came in handy for this performance Lilián and I gave titled 'Poetry for Waking Up', during a private event on Saturday morning at Huerga y Fierro Editores.
2) There is no letter B in the Maori alphabet. I am starting to learn Maori. I hope I can bring my experience as an English language teacher, and of learning Spanish, to my learning. I've started with the lessons on the Tōku Reo website, as well as practicing the Maori guitar strum so I can learn a song or two.


The little girl in the Silent Cave

A story for children written and narrated by Lilián Pallares, which I have accompanied with my drawings, art and music. Produced by antenablue.

We made it especially for our four-year-old niece Mia and although it doesn't have a translation yet the story goes something like this: 'Mia lives in a place where the sun always shines and it is never night, but she dreams of seeing the moon. To find it she will have to enter the Silent Cave.'

El nuevo trabajo de antenablue. Un cuento infantil escrito y narrado por Lilián Pallares, con dibujos, arte y composición musical de Charles Olsen.

'Mia vive en un lugar donde el sol siempre brilla y nunca es de noche. Sin embargo, a sus cuatro años sueña con conocer la luna. Para lograrlo tendrá que entrar a la Cueva del Silencio.'