Future Learn: Web Science 1

History Visualiser (Internet Use Oct/Nov 2013)

I'm doing an online course on futurelearn.com called "Web Science: How the web is changing..." As part of this course I'm posting my reflections here.

The above chart reflects my web use over the past month and a half. Perhaps too much work and not enough leisure use? It only shows browser use on the computer and doesn't show use of other programs nor does it include tablet use. I think perhaps facebook takes up too much time although it's a useful tool.

I have the feeling I don't make the best use of my internet time as it's so easy to get distracted but it's been very useful nevertheless and saves a lot of time in many ways.

I should really add a line between the teaching and leisure as they overlap a lot when I'm browsing materials for classes. Perhaps some more lines between facebook and work things as well...

Apart from work I'll also use the web for finding recipes, translating texts, sometimes listening to music, news and weather. This opportunity to study in a directed way online seems like it'll be great for looking at how I think in relation to the net.