Músicas Posibles en Radio 3

Entrevista con Lara López en Radio 3, RTVE. Lilián Pallares y yo hablamos de nuestros proyectos, recitamos nuestros poemas y compartimos nuestra selección de música.

Interview with Lara López on Radio 3 (Spanish National Radio). Lilián Pallares and I spoke about our projects, recited our poems and shared our music selection. I have included some notes in English about the selection of music as the programme is all in Spanish.

Las músicas del programa / Music from the programme:
  • O Sister!, 'Please Don't Talk to Me Before My Morning Coffee' del disco Stompin' In Joy
    (Our neighbours in the adjacent apartment in Madrid are two members of the group O Sister! and we are lucky to be able to eavesdrop on jazz rehearsals through the walls.)
  • Pieter Nooten, Tema 'Pequeña Muerte' con poema de Lilián Pallares para el espectáculo 'Parpadeos'.
    (This piece composed by renowned Dutch musician Pieter Nooten includes the voice of Colombian poet Lilián Pallares and her poem 'Little Death'. It forms part of a show which will be premiered in the Netherlands Flamenco Biennial in early 2017 called 'Parpadeos'. The show also includes video art created by AntenaBlue.)
  • Papa's In Love, 'Feathers' del disco Papa's In Love (ahora Sons of Dark Horses).
    (I have many musician friends in England and enjoy following what they are doing. Many times I've sat in on studio rehearsals, taken photos, gone to gigs, even performed myself on occasions. I would have liked to have included songs by Nick Tann, Hope, Tekiva, and Ex Libras, among others.)
  • Pablo Rubén Maldonado, 'La Esperanza Nace' del disco Fuera de la Realidad
    (This flamenco piece is from the pianist Pablo Rubén Maldonado. It is also the soundtrack to the short film 'The dance of the brushes' which won second prize in the Flamenco Short Film Competition in Madrid, 2010. See trailer here. I did the album cover and photography for this album.)
  • Alex Florez Sierra, 'Copa X Copa' del disco Atemporal 1
    (Colombian musician living in Madrid who is an accomplished exponent of the 'bolero' form – a typical Latin-American style of song.)
  • Lilián Pallares con arreglos musicales de Shangó Dely,'Ombligo' del libro-disco Voces Mudas
    (Poem by Lilián Pallares with music by percussionist Shangó Dely.)
  • Álvaro Llerena Martínez, 'Mis Amores' del disco Azúzalo
    (Son of the renowned Colombian folk singer Petrona Martínez, this is his first solo album and demonstrates his Afro-Colombian roots. Álvaro is known as 'The Enchanted Drummer' and Lilián Pallares and I have made a short film 'The Enchanted Drum' featuring Álvaro and his son.)
  • Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, 'Marrandil' del disco Gurrumul
    (This is one of the few CDs Lilián and I have bought together, and we found it very moving.)