Jury Special Mention for The Exhibition

The jury of FilmArte Festival have awarded a Special Mention to my film 'The Exhibition'!

'The Exhibition' features collaborations with Sarah Tremlett – who was here in Madrid for the screening at Artistic Metropol on 6 May (see photo of us below) – as well as Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, Ilia Galán Díez, Mia Gill, Hatti Rees, Eduardo Yagüe, Deva Tomás, The Olive Brothers, Ángel Rivas, Jan Erichsen, Ignacio Kowalski and Nicholas Clayton, and is produced by Antenablue.

The film is an irreverent take on the art world. A poetic hybrid combining essay, documentary, journalism, and video art. The starting point was my poem 'La exposición' (The Exhibition) published in my second poetry collection Antípodas (Huerga y Fierro Editores, 2016) and a video I'd filmed on my iPad of my niece dancing in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC, and it slowly grew from there, incorporating various collaborations from artists and videopoets, my cousin's boys creating an artwork in New Zealand and my cousin Nic Clay who worked with me on the music.

Photos from the screening in Artistic Metropol, Madrid, 6 May 2023.

Charles Olsen in The Exhibition

The Exhibition includes the collaborative piece by Sarah Tremlett with Hatti Rees and Duchess the rabbit titled: 'The Dao of Rabbitbirdwoman: "Still Lives" Escape The Gallery'

Still from the documentary Mary Magdalene by Ramon Sanmartin Solé, which was awarded 'Best Film by First Time Filmmaker', FilmArte 2023

Still from In the Land of Brightness by Cristina Hortigüela Diez, which was awarded 'Best Spanish documentary', FilmArte 2023

Charles Olsen talking about The Exhibition in the post screening Q&A.

Ramon Sanmartin Solé and Cristina Hortigüela Diez during the post screening Q&A.